100 CD Sleeves (USA ONLY)

USA ONLY:  Each package contains 100 CD Sleeves (PRIORITY SHIPPING INCLUDED)


If you're running out of space for your CD collection, consider getting rid of the space hogging jewel box and replacing them with these gatefold sleeves. These clear 4mil thick archival polyethylenesleeves hold both the front cover and back graphics to create an LP-like gatefold. They take up 75% less space than the jewel box. The spine even shows, much like an LP. Your CD collection can still be stored vertically on standard CD shelves or racks, as well as in drawer systems. Fits anywhere you put standard jewel cases. Over five  million sleeves sold since 1999!
Space-Saving CD Sleeves

Though not required, paper liner sleeves are available. Accommodates up to 4 cd sets by stacking two on each side (using paper sleeves for protection). AVAILABLE HERE.

Holds the booklet & a CD on one side;
tray card with CD in the other side.  Fold in half.
5-1/8 x 10 5/8 4mil POLY

I have a lot of CDs, probably more than ten thousand of them. To some, this may sound like a windfall, but it gets to be a bit of a problem after a while. When I moved from Brooklyn to the big city a few years ago and faced a drastic reduction of space, I decided to consign large numbers of the little silver wonders to a storage facility.

A couple of years ago, I found the solution. It has almost literally saved my life, and I'd like to spread the word to any other suffering souls. It is a plastic CD sleeve put out by Jazz Loft. I'm sure other companies put out similar products, but my loyalty is to Jazz Loft. It takes up about one-tenth the space of a jewel case. I've been able to squirrel away a thousand or more new CDs without needing an inch of extra space.

- Alex Ross, Music Critic for New Yorker Magazine


Directions for use:
  1. Open the sleeve with the center opening facing up and, if discernable, the shorter side to the right.
  2. Slide the CD tray card, with the type facing away from you and its right side edge folded on the perforation, into the right side of the sleeve. Tuck any remainder under the left side of the sleeve opening.
  3. Slide the CD booklet into the left side of the sleeve, with its cover facing away from you.
  4. Slide the CD into the right side of the sleeve so it's on the inside of the traycard.
  5. Close the sleeve by folding it along the tray card's other perforated edge.
  6. You should have a symmetrically folded sleeve that shows the booklet in front (bracketed by the spines) and the tray card in back.
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100 CD Sleeves (USA ONLY)

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